How To Retire With No Savings

How To Retire With No Savings

Saving anything is very important, when it comes to retirement, saving can be smart, but for many people it is becoming difficult. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly half of Americans aged 55-66 have no retirement savings. It may not be ideal, but it is the hard reality for many Americans. What would retirement … Read more

5 Best Ways To Plan Ahead For A Luxurious Retirement

Luxurious Retirement

Are you planning your Luxurious retirement? Have you ever wondered how some retired people manage to enjoy a life of luxury forever? You must have seen your friends very often enjoying the luxury life and you wonder ‘how?’ Or get jealous whenever you see another beautiful photo on Instagram from a far-flung destination? Recently, very … Read more

10 Really Dumb Ways You Waste Money Daily

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Americans are good at many things, and wasting money is one of them. According to the US National Resources Defense Council, $165 billion annually is wasted by throwing away whatever they don’t want to eat. They also do a good job of buying items they don’t need. If you also make the same mistake then … Read more