Eagles Star Quarterback Jalen Hurts Reacts To Nearby Shooting

On Tuesday, a 14-year-old boy was killed and four others injured in a shooting following a Philadelphia-area high school football scrimmage.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hirts shared his reaction to the tragic incident during a press conference on Wednesday.

According to Josh Tolentino of the Philadelphia Inquirer, "It's very sad," Hurts said. "Kids are doing what they love, where it's considered safe, where we say, 'Go chase your dreams.

They're playing football there, and they don't make it home. This is very unfortunate. I am praying for the families. I pray for change."

Earlier this month, before the shooting, Hurts visited Penn Medicine's trauma team to learn about caring for victims of gun violence. He highlighted his journey in a Twitter post -

“Gun violence has physical, social and mental health effects for those affected and beyond.

 I met @PenMedicine's trauma team, who are on the front lines caring for victims every day. If we all educate ourselves, we can help them. Affect, and stop it."

Several other Eagles players, including A.J. Brown, Darius Slay, Len Johnson and Brandon Graham offer their thoughts on the Roxboro High School shooting.

Brown wrote on Twitter, "This breaks my heart. My heart goes out to the children involved and those who lost their lives. We have to do better. We have to protect our kids."

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