Everyone's Making Same Joke About Tom Brady's Injury Today

The star quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady is battling a finger injury on Sunday afternoon.

Brady, 45, is playing his first home game of the season with Aaron Rodgers and the Buccaneers. Ironically, Brady's finger injury is on his ring finger.

There has been a lot of news this year about marital problems between Brady and his supermodel wife. NFL fans are joking about Brady's finger injury.

One fan joked "Maybe Giselle did this to Tom Brady's ring finger..." Another fan wrote, "Brady hurt his ring finger, tried to take off his damn ring, that's all That was it."

The fan joked "Did Brady hurt his ring finger on purpose to avoid questions about not wearing his wedding ring? People are talking,"

Another fan said, "Tom Brady's ring finger has a "bang". Judging by the trouble he's going through in heaven.

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