Facebook pulls fake accounts from China that posed as Americans

Parent company Meta said on Tuesday that Facebook has removed fake accounts from Facebook and Instagram from China that pretend to be conservative and liberal Americans.

Fake accounts that criticize American politicians and focus on sensitive issues like gun control and abortion.

"It looks like they were using these hot-button issues to try and find an entry point into American discourse," said Ben Nimmo, head of Meta's Global Threat Intelligence Group.

Meta said this is the first network of Chinese fake accounts the company has disrupted that focused on US politics ahead of the midterm elections in November.

The account removal also shows how Meta is tackling misinformation as US lawmakers raise more questions about social media's impact on national security.

Earlier this month, executives from Meta, Google-owned YouTube, TikTok and Twitter testified before a Senate panel hearing on the subject.

Meta said it removed 81 Facebook accounts, eight pages, one group and two accounts on its photo and video service Instagram that had links to China.

Some accounts have While others focused on Chinese- and French-speaking audiences in the Czech Republic and globally.

One of the fake accounts posted a meme about US President Joe Biden in April, with a phrase in all capital letters that read, "One Year In: Nothing is built. Nothing is back. Nothing is better." 

Meta also said it pulled down a large network of fake accounts linked to Russia that mainly target Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and the UK.

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