How does Bron James feel about Anthony Davis?

Your Los Angeles Lakers best friendship is clearly on the rise during a quote-heavy training camp week.

Star forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis have enjoyed a close and supportive friendship during their three seasons as Lakers teammates.

In a recent post-practice interview on Spectrum Sportsnet, James discussed the two's relationship, saying, "I'm happy to be his teammate, extremely proud to be his best friend."

James laughed and said "He'll say I'm not his best friend, but I'll take it with me. I'm his best friend, I don't care what he says"

Certainly James seemed more honest with this discussion when he said, "It's an honor for me to be a teammate with such a great player and even a better person."

Here's hoping that all these friendships translate into on-court chemistry, which seems to be a somewhat mismatched team on shooting and defence.

Building a closer relationship with each other is a great way to develop a buy-in for a team concept, especially where Beverly and Westbrook are concerned.

James and Davis are close, no surprise, though it could mean that LBJ will throw water on any potential front office AD business proposals this year.

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