Josh Allen addresses confrontation with Christian Wilkins

The Bills' quarterback ripped off his helmet and flagged for it, but it appears the cameras didn't catch everything.

Things got fierce on Sunday between the Dolphins and the Bills, and it started to boil over during a typical dogpile.

Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen was flagged for a personal foul after he was caught ripping off the helmet of Miami defensive tackle Christian Wilkins.

Allen addressed the heated exchange, which culminated in their separation, on Kyle Brandt's Basement podcast.

"I think anyone with two eyes could understand what was going on at the bottom of that pile," said Allen.

Brandt responded, "The player in question said after the game, 'That's what happens to alpha men. Do alpha men hug each other on the football field?'

Allen didn't deny that Wilkins grabbed his waist and said, "Not usually, it's the same." After the dogpile, Allen can be seen pointing at his waist while making his case to the officer.

"He's known for it, going back to college," Allen said. "I should know this and not let it get the best of me."

Allen is apparently referring to cameras capturing Wilkins when he places his hand between a player's legs on the ground while playing for Clemson.

 It's unclear what exactly happened, but something clearly upset Allen at the bottom of the pile on Sunday.

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