NFL World reacts to 2015 Tom Brady, Gisele new

This is reportedly not the first time Gisele Bundchen has threatened a divorce with Tom Brady. According to one report, Bundchen hired divorce lawyers in 2015.

Bundchen has reportedly hired divorce lawyers because she lives separately from Brady, whom she has been married to since 2009. The couple has two children.

A source claimed that Bündchen went to see a lawyer in 2015, stating, "Tom and Gisele have parted ways before.

Every two years they have a big fight and she has left Tom before, but he always comes back.

"He always worked things through, and Tom expected him to do it again this time." Maybe this time too they will come together.

NFL fans have taken to Twitter to weigh in. "Oh, this lady is tired," wrote one fan, another said "a pretty face doesn't make a beautiful heart...".

Meanwhile, others have joked that Gisele may have to pay alimony, given that reports have suggested she makes more than Brady.

However this is all just the beginning. Maybe the supermodel and superstar quarterback will fix things.

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