NFL World reacts to Aaron Rodgers future new

On Wednesday afternoon, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hinted that he might be sticking around for a while.

Asked about the emergence of some young Packers wide receivers, Rodgers suggested that was a key factor in his decision.

Both Romeo Dobbs and Christian Watson have done well over the past few weeks, which has attracted Rodgers.

"Seeing the development of those people can't help but be part of the decision," he said via Packers reporter Matt Schneideman.

He also mentioned several factors in his decision - physical, mental, karmic. Packers fans were delighted to see this news.

One fan joked, "Romeo and Watson will force Rodgers to play until he is 45." Others aren't sure what will happen to Jordan Love.

One fan asked "So when does the Jordan Love decision come into play? Because the longer Rodgers plays he looks more and more like a pointless pick.

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