NFL World reacts to Gisele Bundchen change new

Supermodel and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reportedly deals with divorce lawyers, Bündchen is reportedly making some changes in his life.

Another day, another reported a life change from Gisele Bundchen. Gisele Bundchen changes tattoo amid Tom Brady divorce rumours.

Bündchen is reportedly living separately and has given up his wedding ring. Now, she has reportedly undergone a transformation in one of her longtime tattoos.

Changes are very common when someone is going through a divorce. Maybe it's the same with the longtime supermodel.

NFL fans have taken to social media to weigh in. One fan wrote "Wow hope the football is worth it,"

He loved the sport long ago, so it was worth it that he's been saying 45 as a joke since college and since it's become more accessible.

If she can't wait for Haim to play her last season she'll be at home all the time and you won't like it," said another fan.

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