Retirement statistics that will give you hope for the future

Planning and saving for your retirement can be a daunting task. What would you do during your golden years? And how would you be able to survive decades without a steady paycheck?

No matter how worried you are about your retirement, the following statistics may put your mind at ease. Maybe they're encouraging enough to make you dream of retiring earlier.

79% of adults feel they can retire whenever and wherever they want. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this switch increased average hourly earnings over the past year.

As new cases of COVID-19 decline, these changes could give workers more optimism about life returning to normal. 65% of Americans are prepared to put the pandemic behind them.

90% of Americans are highly confident about being able to reach their long-term goals, including retirement goals. In fact, this belief spans generations.

If you're wondering how much you might need when you stop working, you're not alone. 84% of those surveyed said they knew how much it would cost to retire.

In a survey by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, 80 percent of respondents said they are confident about having enough cash to live comfortably in retirement.

A survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that more than 80% of employees are happy with the benefit that a workplace retirement savings plan offers.

Medical expenses can be a huge burden in retirement, with 75% of people confident they will have enough money to pay for medical costs.

A survey found that 67% of people aged 60 and over are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their lives.

According to the survey, only 10% of people aged 60 and above feel old age is a frustrating time in life.

Retirement is likely to be more within your reach than you think and may be more exciting than you imagined.

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