Indian automotive company Tata Motors launched an electric car worth $ 10,000 in India.

Tata Motors has launched its new electric vehicle which comes with a starting price of around $10,000. Tata has named it Tiago.ev

India's only electric vehicle (EV) maker is looking to attract more buyers. The new car comes with a variety of battery sizes, charging options and models that range in price.

This car from Tata is the electric version of its popular Tiago hatchback, with a sticker price starting from $10,370.

India is the fourth largest car market in the world and most of the cars sold here cost less than $15,000.

Tata Motors Managing Director Shailesh Chandra said, the operating cost of the Tiago EV is expected to be around one-seventh that of the gasoline variant.

"We're not chasing the lowest cost," Chandra said, adding that the idea was to pack in connected car features and other advanced technologies while keeping the price accessible.

Chandra said the car's "disruptive" pricing will open up new opportunities and markets for Tata in smaller towns and cities, where buyers are more price-conscious.

The cheapest variant of the Tiago EV will offer a driving range of 250 km (155 mi) on a single charge, while a more expensive variant will offer a range of 315 km.

“There is always a challenge how do we find the right price,” said Chandra, adding that the current sticker price was only for the first 10,000 buyers.

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