The NFL world reacts to Aaron Rodgers' retirement revelation

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants you to know that when it comes to playing football at 45, he won't be quite like his great counterpart Tom Brady.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback spoke to a bunch of press earlier this week and clarified that he plans to retire well before that point.

Rodgers said "I'll do something else. I have a lot of other interests outside of the game. The sport has been really, really good for me. I feel like I've given my all to the game."

At some point, it will be time to do something else. And I firmly believe that [I] will be before forty-five [years old],” Rodgers said.

One user said "It was too sneaky of Aaron Rodgers to say he won't play until he's 45. Sneaky. He wants Tom to retire so he can get more rings?

“What could be more exhilarating than playing at that level of ball? He has all the off-season to do whatever he is trying to do,”

Another user said "I hope Aaron Rodgers retires anytime soon, Jordan Love, no offense but you have a long way to go, dude."

"Don't you have to win to be able to pull this off?" asked a Twitter user. Another Packers fan reacted with a meme saying that Rodgers would play as Brady for a long time.

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