Tom Brady explains why the Steelers keep in the NFL hunt

Tom Brady said this week "I think it's a lot worse football than what I see. Bad quality of football, that's what I see."

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently only find a single game out of first place in the AFC North, largely due to their own games compared to the declining level of play in the NFL.

Whatever you can think of Tom Brady, you'll probably admit that he knows a thing or two about the difference between good and bad in football.

So when a marquee player like Brady says the league is falling, he should at least get some attention.

With almost a quarter of the 2022 NFL season in the books, and the games excluding this week, the Philadelphia Eagles are the only undefeated NFL team at 4-0.

Fifteen teams currently share a 2–2 record, including the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, runner-up Bengals and Brady's Tampa Bay Books.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the Detroit Lions are currently the league's highest-scoring team after four matches with a total of 140 points.

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