Tom Brady: I'm not the only "adult" throwing "temper tantrums"

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was not pleased with the result of his own game on Sunday. There was something from the second game that pleased him, at least a little bit.

"I'm not the only adult in the whole league who's having temper tantrums," Brady said on his Let's Go podcast. "So thanks, Ken, for getting me off the hook."

Tom Brady said of Ken Dorsey "I know exactly what he was feeling, of course. Well, there's a lot of emotion.

You feel like you're in a fight and it's a physical fight and you have to work out the emotions and I know it has to be prepared and yes, there are moments and sometimes it boils over.

I want to boil it on the side instead of in the field, you know? And sometimes it's a little bit of both. Sometimes our feelings get the best of us.

So that's fine. It's better to have that feeling and feeling because it's like you're alive. You know, you can die and not feel anything. That's why I choose to be alive and feel everything.

It's one thing to feel it. Showing up is another matter. That is balance. Sometimes, showing that feeling can inspire others.

Dorsey was definitely unwell on Sunday. Brady has yet to take it a long way. If Books doesn't start scoring more points soon, maybe he will.

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