We haven't put four-quarters of a game together, we just can't play half a game well: Aaron Rodgers.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants to see his team play well for four full quarters, and says Green Bay hasn't done that yet this year.

Asked by Oci Umeniora of the NFL's UK media department about his recent remarks that the Packers' winning style isn't sustainable, Rodgers complained that people missed the point he was making.

"Comments are taken out of context, and then they get posted as if that was the whole quote," Rodgers said.

"That wasn't bidding. Bid was talking about a certain way of playing. I was referring to the fact that we haven't put together a four-quarter game.

I don't think it's sustainable to play half a game well enough to win a football match in this league every week.  

Rodgers did not say who was taking his remarks out of context or what context was missing from several media articles about his previous comments.

But tomorrow in London he will try to make four good quarters for the first time this season.

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