What is the "retirement curse" and how to avoid it

It's believed to be an incredible gift we give ourselves, but studies are showing that it becomes more of a curse than a blessing if you don't do it right.

Let's go over what the "retirement curse" is, how it can affect you and how you can take concrete steps to avoid it.

Many people would have expected many things in their life, there is time to do all those things. Again completely free, the chance to travel, shop without a line and much more.

The biggest curse of retirement are the "negative health effects" as well as a significant decline in mental health. All these make it a little difficult to carry out activities of daily living.

Government health care programs are hit when there is a rise in chronic medical conditions requiring treatment, especially as baby boomers continue to retire in large numbers.

Having made a lifelong habit of going to work five days a week, we have to be prepared and know how to create new habits, or else we will suffer.

Social isolation, and especially the involuntary feeling of loneliness, can have a negative impact on our lifespan, similar to the harmful effects of smoking.

Some measures are also very important to avoid curse. After all those years of experience, you can become a consultant in your field and make your own time.

To avoid loneliness, whether it is a partner, family member or a group of friends, you should have people around you whom you see regularly.

When planning your retirement from a financial standpoint, you should simultaneously plan for a physically active and socially engaged lifestyle.

Decreased physical movement in retirement is a highly underestimated cause of illness. Join fitness classes or sign up for a gym if you're not good at motivating yourself to go home!

Whether you need extra cash or just something to do, there are many places where seniors are hired. You can try to be a barista!

Giving back to the community is recommended by many health experts as a way to combat the negative effects of retirement and stay active and fulfilled.

As a retiree, it is in your hands to find social opportunities, set your purpose and show yourself, a proactive attitude that may go unrecognized after years of being an employee.

Avoid being slowed down by health issues, insurance costs and budget problems as well as the haunting feeling of unfulfilled promises by getting your travel plans in place right away.

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