Where should you invest $1,000 now? 

When it comes to investing, some people cannot find investment options for themselves. However, an amount of $1,000 is not a large amount to invest.

If you've saved $1,000 and want to invest instead of spending, but you can't find ways to invest, this story will let you know.

A $1,000 investment isn't going to be a huge investment and isn't going to make you rich overnight, it's a great start to building a nest egg and helping you reach financial goals.

If you want a safe option with your $1000, a savings account with interest may be your preferred choice, as most banks offer 1-3% interest.

The second best option for you may be investing in a 401k. If you don't have a 401k company, you can open an IRA.

If you're looking to invest in the market, exchange-traded funds or "ETFs" can be a great option. Investing in ETFs pays a lower broker commission than you would with individual stocks.

Many people would love to invest in real estate, but get intimidated by the idea. Although some people do not adopt it because of its expensive.

Still, real estate is a great option for building wealth and diversifying your money. $1,000 usually won't get you very far but there's a lot to learn.

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